Think of This,

​​​​​Sound-Waves Trivia Q&A

(Serious and fun-loving facts about music,

and people.) Do you know, there are

7,000 languages spoken 

throughout the world? 

800 in the borough

of New York City.  


And yet, the language of love 

has the power to speak 

volumes without a word.

Please register to vote.

And, vote.

Let's make a difference.

​Yes, Sometimes, 

Unique projects on deck: ​

In-route, and simmering until 

just the right temperature.

An amazing journey through time

with family, friends and Goldilocks.

​​Yes, Goldilocks and I are in the midst

of getting to know each other. The story 
of how we met was divine intervention, for sure.

- Original music

Songs, history, photos, musicians, credits.


Meet my husband, Hans. May 11, 2019

Hint, hints, 

Sound-Waves Trivia Q&A

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 - Web-site tour guide. (This wave, bottom.) 

- History, - cherished love, drive-by photos: 

license plates, boats, street signs.

Yes, fun and serious

 things ​that catch the eye. 

You've got to love artist from around the world being creative

on the gulf of Florida.

Welcome Home

​and ​

Happy New Year

(9)Track EP Debut           (13) Track EP 

The ladies got me good with

a surprised wedding shower.

August 2012

Today's Updates 

January 20, 2020

Loving Ocean,

by Keith Illidge Loving

- See Featured Artist

​​Sound-wave tips

Reflective story filled songs for all ages to share. 

Past, present and beyond ​meet destiny ​

to serve the highest good.​ 
Laurie Cagno artist-singer-song writer's

way around the world.
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In-love-speed, one step at a time getting to know each other. ​

Yes, keep surfing all the waves down and over for

adventure and entertainment.

Spotted this plate, mid-January 2020

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Laurie Cagno-Witter

Inspired singer-songwriter, actress, creative writer

 ​Hello and welcome to this website for the serious and fun-loving mind, body and spirit.

Past, present and future meet us right

where we are, as our toes dance with 

silky soft sand and dive into this ocean.​ 

The current may rock and roll us ​into

narrow, shallow or deep waters, so 

zipper-up your wet-suit, secure those 

flippers, and lets go exploring. ​

With waves of love, 

happy surfing,


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Statistics obtained from a man who stands his post here.  

Hmm and wow. I recently read this very interesting article.

Love this and thankful for

featured artist, musician,

Keith Illidge Loving, 

for posting this on FB.