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Married in Key West, Florida August 2, 2012 

Laurie and her family live in the USA. 

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As you sink your toes into this silky soft sand and dive into this ocean, I hope you are refreshed by the colorful treasure you discover. The current may push and pull your heart-strings into narrow, shallow or deep, wide waters, so zipper up your wet-suit, tighten those flippers and let's go exploring on

this tour of creative tides, especially as miracles reveal and unroll themselves.

   Story and song all along the waves. 

"A practical guide to fine tune and get the best from your human instrument.
​Your body & mind."

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Mission Statement:

Creative, high energy
healing sound-waves with serious, fun-loving spirit  through story and song.

All songs by Laurie Cagno and Co-songwriters
Copyrights registered USA/BMI.
1. Dancing Cantos @2013 Case# 1-908551745 
2. Dreams Keep Asking to Dance @2013 Case# 1-9088551511
3. Think of This, original demo, @ 2014 Case #1-117302801

Samples and downloads.

From ordinary

to extraordinary.

This website is a diligent work and play in progress for a number of inspired reasons you may discover along the waves.
Please share gems with loved ones, and surf back-in for serious and refreshing updates.

Current Original Projects On Deck:

Waves of Love, Grace and Clarity:Think of This

Debut book, accompanied by original music.

Creative Fact: Three books are coming to fruituion, yes three at the same time. 

Unless of course one big Title-wave book is meant to be. Hmm.







#1 Dancing Cantos
#2 Dreams Keep Asking to Dance
#3 Original song demo: Think of This

Do you like colorful stories, sweet melodies, harmony, passionate percussion, sensual violin, powerful electric and acoustic guitar? I wonder which songs, from which

CD and demos resonate with your heart-strings.

​​For a refreshing journey explore each Title-wave and Sub-page,Top to Bottom and Side to Side.  Happy surfing. 

For open communication, please email

or private message me directly.
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 My favorite

kind of tuner.

​Miracles happen

all the time.

Thus, the reason

for the colors 

on this website. 

Hello and welcome to this website

for the serious, fun-loving and strong of mind, body and spirit.

Past, present and future meet on seven luscious title-wave sections and sub-pages.

Laurie Cagno singer-songwriter, poet, author and actress 
has visionary, sassy, passionate ways of bridging the power of communication

through story and song. ​Her contagious attitude inspires one to pause, listen, and tune

       into healthy strides ​​of love, making waveconnecting the divine within.   ~Russ Blagdon

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Love is our guiding light.

See original, customized, creative writing on sub-page, "Hire Laurie"
My brothers birthday poem is turning into a song on piano titled,

Great Big Hug