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Dreams Keep Asking to Dance


​​​Treasure Quest Trivia

How many languages

are spoken throughout the world? 

How many in the borough of NYC?

Dancing Cantos


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Treasure Quest Trivia

Serious and fun-loving trivia

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​​​Treasure Quest Trivia

There are 7,000 languages spoken throughout the world? 

800 in the borough of New York City. 

And yet, the language of love has the power to speak volumes without a word.

Home Page

 ​​​​​Laurie Cagno singer-songwriter, poet, creative writer

 has passionate, mindful ways of bridging communication through story and song. Her contagious attitude inspires one to pause, listen and tune into healthy strides of love, 

connecting the divine within.  

~​ ​Professor Russ Blagdon  ​

​Hello and welcome to this website for the serious, and fun-loving mind, body and spirit. Past, present and future, meet on seven title and sub-waves. As you sink your toes into this silky soft sand and dive into this ocean, I hope you are refreshed by cherished treasure you discover.

Especially, as miracles reveal themselves.

The current may push and pull you into narrow,

shallow or deep waters so zipper up your wet-suit,

tighten those flippers, and lets go exploring. 

With waves of love,


Tap into Laurie's creativity.