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​​​​​Sound Waves Trivia

Do you know, there are

7,000 languages spoken 

throughout the world? ​

800 in the borough of 

New York City.

And yet, the language of love 

has the power to speak 

volumes without a word.



register to vote.

And, vote carefully. 

Let's make 

a difference.

Unique projects on deck: ​

In-route, and simmering until 

just the right temperature.

An amazing journey through time

with family, friends and Goldilocks.

​​Yes, Goldilocks and I are in the midst

of getting to know each other. The story 
of how we met was divine intervention, for sure.

Colorful story-filled songs

for all ages to enjoy.


Meet my husband, Hans. May 11, 2019

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Welcome Home

​and ​

Happy New Year


(9)Track EP Debut                  (13) Track EP 

The ladies got me good with

a surprised wedding shower.

August 2012​​​​

Today's Updates 

February 26, 2020

Yes, sometimes

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Colorful, reflective story filled songs for all ages. 
Waves of life the artists' way around the world.

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In love speed, it is one step at a time

getting to know each other. ​

Enjoy surfing all of these waves up, 

down and over ​for 
adventure, and entertainment.

Sound Waves ~ Daniel Cappiello
​(prints available)

(Up coming featured artist)

Spotted this

article and  plate

mid-January 2020

 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Laurie Cagno-Witter

Singer-songwriter from New Jersey

 ​Hello and welcome to this website for the serious and fun-loving mind, body and spirit.

Past, present and future meet us right

where we are, as our toes dance with 

silky soft sand and dive into this ocean.​ 

The current may rock and roll us ​into

narrow, shallow or deep waters, so 

zipper-up your wet suit, secure those 

flippers, and lets go exploring. ​​

With waves of love, 


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from a man

who faithfully


his post. 

Hmm and wow.

An interesting.

I am thankful for

this months featured artist, musician,

Keith Illidge Loving ,

for posting this quote on FB.

(Hint, hint, a sound trivia glue. Hmm.)