~ Paul Maassen, General Manager, WWNO, 89.9fm, 
NPR New Orleans, Louisiana ​(October 12, 2017)
Co-producer, and arranger of debut 9 track EP, 
Dancing Cantos, ~ Laurie Cagno, Todd Sheaffer
and creative musical collaboration.

​"Connecting with the audience is one of Laurie’s great strengths. She’s always been into positive things, like hope, love and healing. Communicating with the crowd, getting that message across. She is a creative

artist with a solid work ethic. Working on songwriting, arranging and in the studio

is inspiring and a joy." 

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- Think of This 

(Voice and piano mini-track EP)

Rain dance (mini-track EP)

- Visions (live mini-track EP)
- Mystery Lady (mini-track EP)

- New Music (In route)

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Think of This,

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Think of This

Laurie is one of the most solid and colorful empowered woman I have ever hired and worked side by side building my businesses. She is a natural at creating new business and maintaining working relationships. Her consistent work ethic is inspiring and contagious. A most valuable leader and team player. Whatever she puts her energy into turns

to gold. The first year we generated

one million dollars worth of business. 

~ Jen Sorber Kolatac, Business Owner, Praxis Search Staffing. Current, Farmers Insurance Agent, Owner

Pompton Plains, New Jersey

​(May 2017

Laurie Cagno was hired as Director of New Business Development. Her passion and ability to manage staff and also creatively generate new business exceeded our expectations. Laurie’s excellent organizational and communication skills allowed us to meet our project goals on or before our projected target dates. She proved to

be a true asset to our firm. 

- James Dowse, COO,

Time Moving & Storage 

(May 2017)

Laurie Cagno artist-singer-song writer's, way around the world.

Potential Partnerships

​Songs written and arranged by, Laurie Cagno, co-songwriters, 

and co-arrangements. ​​@copyrights USA, registered, BMI) 

​​​​​​​Original true story-filled songs reflecting dances with life. 

As you see over there on the left is the hero card including 

demo songs mailed to the annual CNN Heros award show, 

Oprah, and a few others. Local and global.  

These original songs continue to work and play as they seek 

to find their divine home-sweet-homes. Good for them.

Think of This, Rain dance, Visions etc. 


Reflective story filled songs for all ages to share. 

Past, present and beyond ​meet destiny ​to serve the highest good.​ 
Laurie Cagno artist-singer-writer's way around the world.


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Laurie Cagno Witter

Laurie Cagno Creative


In-love-speed, one step at a time getting to know each other. 

Yes, keep surfing all the waves down and over for adventure and entertainment,

And, with all due respect,

I am grateful for every step

of my journey. Along with 

all of the people whom

we have crossed paths.

Love really is the reason

for every season.


There are many sides

to a story. And, each 

are sacred and valid.


is key to deeper understanding to grow forward in life and to complete

beautiful destiny 

for everyone.

Creative sparks of the divine

are lit from ​the inside out. 


fuels your


        yes        yes            yes    and      yes

Clearly, synergistic partnerships are essential in collaboration to bring out the

best in each other ​to serve the highest good.

In-love-speed, I look forward to

discovering and learning about you too.



      yes       yes 


dynamic, intuitively

gifted, creative people are