See their license plate.

What are the odds? 

​My Story Book - Blue Diamond's graceful call

with a synergistic story.

In the same week,

my husband and

I saw

this flock migrating.



​​​During the start of our third martial arts session, this blackbird showed up. Sat right next

to us talking for about a minute straight. 

We were keenly aware, as this songbird had

our full-attention.​ Yes, surprised, delighted and concerned. It's message was steady and clear. 

And then, AndreSoke8Dan let me know we

were upon some serious work to prepare

as beautiful destiny completes. 

​Thus, Blue diamond's graceful call.

My DDW writing alter took me four hours to complete...minus the broom and sneakers in photo... 

Blue Diamond’s Graceful Call                 

(An excerpt published in a collaborative book: 365 Moments of Grace.)  

The whispers of Blue Diamond’s graceful call returns me to my true essence, revealing me, filling me with love, transforming me with each breath. Cut by the powerful silence, set free. Gentle, wonder-full tears bleed into me, seeping tenderly, covering and coloring me, filling me to overflowing through passionate kisses in my mind’s eye.
My voice rising again in a tapestry of sighs and woes, highs and lows,

as songs of celebration. Yes, we bloom where we are, even when we fall. With a new dawn, light peeks through. And, with eyes wide open, I see

a glimpse of shifting tides as a new song arrives.    ~Laurie Cagno

​​​​​​​​​​​My first martial arts session with AndreSoke8Dan, and his

wife third level black belt Claire, occurred ​40 years to the day of the first lesson he ever conducted, February 4, 2014. (And yes, he is top left, 18 years of age.)

We met while mindfully reflective walking down the street one day. After some focused conversation between us, we soon agreed to start disciplined practice that lasted for 16 weeks. Three-hour sessions that have impacted my life, and I will be forever grateful

His beautiful wife told me he had not taken on a new private student in 10 years.  And the to find, their license plate consisted of four out of five letters of my maiden name:  CAGN54. What are the odds? 

As you can image, I almost fainted when I discovered this while checking them out before engaging in such a serious endeavor and commitment.   

It is simply evident that divine synergistic connections exist. ​To say the least, this experience was and remains life-altering. Thus, giving my best to maintain daily practice, and meditation to 
grow into deeper understanding, as grace allows.   

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