Bay Lady           Don't Ask

Plain To Sea

Fish Tales

Yes, we found each other many

moons ago.  At fourteen years of age.

And, just in time particularly reflective

on this morning's walk along the waves, 

I spotted this sand-artwork, 2016

It is true, when you need a friend,

and call, love will be there. 

St. Nicholas

Friendship and Whale Watcher

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Her name is, Scorpio.

And, yes I am. 


Hunky Dory

Her name is Perseverance

 Gulf Bum

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In love speed, it is one step at a time
getting to know each other. ​​

Enjoy surfing all the waves up,
down and over ​for 

adventure and entertainment.


Knot Guilty

Gulf Survivor

A shell flower

Time Out

Do you know which

University this

photo is from?

Are you following Sounds wave trivia glues


the waves.?

Miss Lexy and Miss Lupe

Sound Waves Trivia - Boating drive-beye photos

Oh, just hanging around, and out and about.

Joy of the Journey


Kleopatra III and Susie Sea

So much more than meets the eye.

Almost There

Anchored in love


Never Quit

​Dec. 2, 2018

Vision Quest

Expect Miracle

Green Flash

Fishful Thinking


"Game On"

This is one of our friends,

friend's custom made house bar. 

I just had to have

a copy of the photo to share.