A visit at Nashville's finest, Alan Jackson's Bar & Grill,

(A.J. is a billboard in this photo.)

Just for fun, the groom's cake

​was made, by our friend Deb,

with kit-kat bars and chocolate kisses, and a 

limited-edition of one of our favorite singers, Elvis Presley. The king of rock and roll. 

I love the shadow of Elvis

on the wall. Deb also made a

bride's cake out of white towels.

Who knew?

Love reflects love.

Sound Waves Trivia

Who are your five closest friends?

And why?

​Have you and love

found each other,

from inside out? 

we hope so.


We chose three special songs to play on the beach during the ceremony:

You've Got a Friend 

Can't Stop Falling In Love

and you guessed it, 

No Shoes, No shirt, No Problem 

Hubby, Mr. Conservative-fun-loving,

requested this one photo of us

​in the circle of flowers.

Lol...just funnn' in the sunnin'. 

It's the little things that make

us smile for a long time.

See Hans, photo peeking through dances with sunflowers.

Yes, my father

was so happy. 

My mom and Hans the night before our wedding ceremony, funnin' around town with

glamorous stars.

 Deeper insight and sneak peek inside of our lives,  

through our kitchen window into the backyard

My mom and her now, husband 

then fiance, were with us in Key West.

They met two years prior on,


After our journey

we shared an intimate big

Italian family wedding dinner in

New Jersey a month after

we were married. 

I am searching for photos on my

laptop that are mysteriously

hiding on me. Errr...Hmm.

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In love speed, it is one step at a time
getting to know each other. ​​

Enjoy surfing all the waves up, 
down and over ​for 

adventure and entertainment.

Clearly, the first true starlight in the family. 

My first marriage

his second. 

Yes, totally, 



  Wait". ​

Here is our new kitchen. 

My husband is a

master carpenter. 

While I work and play

at story and song,

he creates too.  

Zany-girl and Hans

​The best of all good things are an integration of

past, present and future,

all wrapped up in love.  

When we showed up, everyone was blowing bubbles at us. My nieces and nephews covered all the fun bases.

Scorpio and Taurus..

As you can image, we are

definitely yin and yang.

These wine glasses are from my Cagno grandparents' wedding.

Meet my beautiful husband, Hans.  

We met at a funeral and married three years later. 

August 2, 2012, beach, sunset, Key West, Florida 

Hans, Sr. grew this rose.

These little lovebirds with a variety of love notes for everyone were our wedding favors and made up our table centerpiece.

Cool to wake up to this Sunrise rainbow

dances with owl.

Our back yard.

September 2018

Dances with Sunrise 

​​Cherished Love 

Love grows here.

This is




​I have




Here are two photos of my mom photo mombing. Lol...

She is awesome and a riot.


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