Jamie Coan, Jeff, Chris, PaulLaurie and Suzy

​Blue Sky Waves custom painted by Loren Turner

(Mix-o-lydian Studio session)


(Studio musicians, on and off the road.)
vocals-Laurie Cagno
acoustic guitar-Paul Maassen
bass-Robert Fensterrmaler (Frog)
drums-Jeff Barg (Tim Carbone on There’s Something)
electric, lap steel, guitars, Hammond-Buck Dilly 
(R.I.P. January 2015)
violin-Tim Carbone 
percussion-Edmond Norwicky
(Edno, R.I.P. 2016)
mandolin-Jamie Coan  
Piano-JoEllen Dolan-Livick
(R.I.P.. December 2014)
backing vocals-Todd Sheaffer & Laurie Cagno
Executive Producers-Paul Maassen, Dr. David Lee Coppola. 
Recorded and Engineered by Don Sternecker Mixo-Lydian Studio No. NJ.
Songs written by Laurie Cagno and Todd Sheaffer 
Jamie Coan and Todd Schaeffer appear courtesy of RCA Records.
Kings In Disguise appear courtesy of Buy or Die Records
Artwork direction: David Lee Coppola and Brian Nigito

Photographs by, Ebet Roberts, Debbie Burelle and Erin Mills

(Additional credits on EP hard copy.) 

​Extra-special waves of love and gratitude for studio

and a few of the live band musicians: 

Randy Artigliere - bass 

Jeff Barg - drums

Gregg Cagno-singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar player

Paul Kuzik-bass

Suzanne Carrington-harmony and co-lead vocals

Chriss Farrelly-bass, harmony vocals

Lara Gonzalez-Marafanyi dance & song in poetic motion 

(Yael Shacham and Lisa Gonzalez)

Carolyn Magee-harmony vocals

​Billy McManus-organ, soulful vocals (R.I.P-January 2015)​

(Thank you for your version of Mustang Sally, Billy.)​

(Additional creative features ongoing.)

Life is a dance. 

Stories weave in and out of life making our steps rhythm and song. 
These songs are written from the rhythm of my heart. 
They are my first steps on the journey into beautiful lives
   who have touched mine--
Some quickly and quietly, others gently and generously--
   creating stories to dance about
The dance of life is complete when my cantos becomes yours
   and we light the field on fire!     ~ Laurie Cagno​

​Photographer, Debbie Burelle

Another, rare photo and gem ​of  beautiful person.

​(Inside sleeve photos of Dancing Cantos.)

Third photo is with Sissy, Jeff's beloved bride.

​​​​  Dancing Cantos  (Debut EP)
1. Wild Horses (3:17) (Capo IX, B major)
2. I Want to Live (5:14) (C major)
3. This Time (4:39) (Capo I, G major)
4. Rain Dance (5:06) (G major)
5. Sweet Rhythm (5:28) (D tuning on 6th string)
6. Hope Like an Angel (4:11) (Capo III, Gm)
7. Don't Even Ask (4:53)
8. Dance Jenny Dance (3:16) (C major)
9. There's Something (2:46)


Dancing Cantos s​ongs were written 

by, Laurie Cagno co-written with Todd Sheaffer,

and co-arrangements 

with wonderful musicians. 
@copyrights USA, registered BMI

See details regarding, - New Music in route,

sub=page under - Potential Partnerships.

Fun photos from 

Jeff and Sissy's wedding.

D.L.C., Larry DiBari

and Buck Dilly play guitars on some live

and recorded music from the two CDs,

Dancing Cantos and 

Dreams keep asking to Dance.. 

(I love and cherish all of these photos.)

Do you know whose who...

and where are 

these photos from?

Original Music - Dancing Cantos

May 2014 R.I.P.

JoEllen Dolan-Livick an extraordinarily talented musician, and woman of substance.

In a photo with her BFF, 

Frank Noris,

 a beautiful singer-songwriter.

Chriss Farrelly


Randy Artigliere

Two real cool people

and tasty bass players

Laurie, Tim, Paul

​​​​Sweet memories standing-in with the awesome grassroots band based in No. New Jersey,

From Good Homes.

  Jamie Coan, Brady Rymer, Patrick Fitzsimmons, 

Dan Myers and Todd Sheaffer

Also, sitting in is Bobby Hofferman-congos and

Damien Calcane on key boards


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Jeff Barg, current drummer for the band, Bovine Social Club

Chris, Paul, Laurie, cousin, Gregg Cagno

The Bitterend, NYC

Kings In Disguise and Harpoon Daddies,

Tim Carbone-violin, Chris Farrelly-bass,

Jeff Barg-drums, Paul Maassen-guitar, Edno-percussion? 

(Jamie Rickie Farm Stage, Vernon, NJ)

Jamie, Paul, Suzy, Laurie, Marty

​​​​​Krogh's Resturant (Sparta, NJ)

​Photo with Todd Sheaffer

Sound Waves Trivia hints:

Do you know the history of where

and when these songs began?

​​​​​​​Sound Waves
Colorful, reflective story filled songs for all ages. 
Waves of life the artists' way around the world.


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In love speed, it is one step at a time

getting to know each other. ​

​Enjoy surfing all the waves up, 
down and over ​for adventure and entertainment.

Suzy, Lara, Laurie, David

Outback in the Burbs, Mt. Clair, NJ


Lisa Gonzalez, Lara Gonzalez, Yael Shucom

 Marafanyi, dance, song and poetry in motion.

​​Hot-off the sound-waves desk of NPR

 "Connecting with the audience is one of Laurie’s great strengths. She’s always been into positive things, like hope, love and healing. Communicating with the crowd, getting that message across. She is a creative artist with

a solid work ethic. Working together on songwriting, arranging and in the studio is inspiring and a joy." ​

~ Paul Maassen, General Manager, WWNO, 89.9fm, ​NPR New Orleans, Louisiana, 

(October, 11, 2017) ​

Buck Dilly, Tim Carbone, Laurie, Jeff Barg

The Stanhope House in New Jersey​

Laurie Cagno  Dancing Cantos ​(9 track EP, debut)                                

1. Wild horses. Think, making memories with family and friends sitting on a rooftop, singing with sunsets in Never underestimate the power conversations between friends, especially by sunset, the light of the moon and the stars, and sunrise. 

2. I Want to live. On this song my co-songwriter, Todd, suggested to me to image an adorable, playful kitten peeking around a corner. In mind's eye she teased us to live, laugh, and love. It was and is a fun way to approach song writing.

3. This time. The words say it all “You say, Don’t worry about tomorrow; let tomorrow take care of itself. We’ll sail away to love's perfect world. We'll sail away for all our lives. I want to believe you." This ballad is a gentle call to love again and again. It is important to be mindful that love is a choice every time, and every person has an unique story to share and bring to relationships.  

4. Rain dance. A sun shower of spirit and hope-filled waves of healing. The sky opens up and calls all creation to sing and dance with tear-dropped tongues and a renewed spirit of love. “Can You feel it coming?” Check out this version as well as other the bands, From Good Homes and Railroad Earth's interpretations. They are each inspiring to awaken and embrace life.

5. Sweet rhythm. An irresistibly sweet and sultry journey that invites us to hop on board the steamy train of love and carefully ride the rhythm until you get it just right. Love heals and comforts just in time.

6. Hope like an angel. A reflection of wonder and gratefulness for the personal connections we make with each other. There are angels all around looking for people to bless beyond belief. Who is really paying attention? 

7. Don’t even ask. 
After a late night of singing, and then up and out for training, an early morning car accident turned my life spinning out of control into a ten-foot snow bankand all hell broke loose. Life's challenges us, brings us to our knees and up again stronger than everBe kind it matters.

8. Dance, Jenny, dance.This song is about a confident, bright-eyed ten-year-old girl who lit up a moment in time at the start of interracial marriage. At the wedding reception no one was interacting at first. She circulated the room asking each person to dance until the joyful spirit moved everyone. Inspired music and a child’s heart are a perfect match. (Also, George Lang orchestra days).

9. There’s something.​Love can be the answer to some of our prayers and or it can be out of control and confusing.

The gift of discernment regarding intentions is the magic key that makes all the difference to finding true love. When it comes to matters of the heart, clear and open communication is a must. Our whole-lives depend on it. Be love receive love