​​​​​​​​​​​​Dreams Keep Asking to Dance (Second entire EP)
​1. Mystery Lady (4:23) (D major)
2. Into the Night (4:00) 
3. Crazy Without You (3:11) (E/A major)
4. Love and all it's Glory (3:38) (D major)
5. Peace of Mind (4:12) (G major)
6. Fly Away (3:59) (Capo III, E flat)
7. Calling Your Name (3:11)  (C major)
8. On my Mind (3:37) 
9. Visions (6:58) (Capo III, C major)
11. Wavering (2:48) (Intro E - G)
12. No Time to Rush (4:00) (D minor)
13. Still Calling (1:30) (C major)

(Recorded at Mix-o-lydian Studios in Northern NJ)

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Songs written and arranged by, 

Laurie Cagno,

co-writers, David L. Coppola, Paul Maassen, 

and co-arrangements with musicians. ​

@copyrights USA, registered/BMI

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Chris Farrelly,

Musician/Bass player

(I need to work on  

another photo of Chris, and 

bass player, Randy Artiglere

and others too.)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Laurie Cagno - Dreams keep asking to dance (13 track EP)

1.Mystery Lady.A call from our souls to be our true selves to be whole, happy, and to live in true essence on destiny’s path. Close to when our band was first starting out, a mystery lady, supposedly from the entertainment industry, was at one of our local performances. After she heard us play one set, she pulled me aside and asked if we had any more original songs we could play. I dare share, she actually told me I

was as strong as if not a better performer than Miss diva, M.C. At that point, we went back on stage to play a few cover songs to impress her. (Piece of my Heart, Take Me to the River) We also repeated two original songs. Never heard from her again. Not sure, why or who she was. Shortly after, this song, M.L., arrived. 

2.Into the Night. Percussion takes us on a journey into deeper, mysterious, tribal dances and song. The lyrics, “Follow the trail of your heart. Listen closely to the wind. A lion in the darkness waits to take you in”, calls us all into the night of dreams and visions. Trust your intuition. That small clear voice from within reveals and confirms the way. 

3. Crazy Without You. A fun-loving pop song. Letting people into our hearts and what it sometimes feels like when we miss them. Yes, relationships are about give and give. Mutual love and respect to be interdependent. An addition to each other.

4. Love and all its Glory.A harmonious blend of instruments and vocals. A call to all people to love and be loved. "Listen to your heart sing." 

5. Peace of Mind. Yes, a man walks into...There I was a waitress and tending bar in a lovely French restaurant...and a distraught, quiet man walked in and sat down at the bar. After a little warm up time, he told me he did not want to live anymore...that he needed to rest. We talked for a while in between customers on down time before my second wait-shift. Feeling badly for him, I ran to my car for my copy of 
The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran. I gave it to him, we said a little prayer and off he went. Never saw him again. 
I hope he is okay, alive and well. At home that night this song arrived, as tears flowed the entire time. 

6.Fly Away. Instruments weep too. After years of pushing and pulling, honestly trying to make sense of unresolved emotional struggles, the music business and achieving some dreams and goals, I finally decided everything would work out. And for the most part it has.  And, yes I am okay however destiny completes. Standing tall, heart-centered on solid ground is key. One day at a time we grow into knowing who we truly are and why we are here. Be happy and gentle with yourself and others. 

7. Calling Your Name. Love hurts until it stops. A friend, aka, Fred heard his next door neighbor, aka, Ricky, calling his wife’s name, Lucy, very loudly in the middle of the night. Oddly enough, Lucy was also Fred's wife's name. Ricky was in the middle of a divorce and was apparently reliving parts of the traumatic events in his dreams. Life. 

On My Mind. A beautiful ballad written for the rare times that love is simple. Love is wonderful when it’s wonderful. 
“Sweet, smooth, black lace over you, over me.” Embracing more and more ways of celebrating the good, some bad and yes sometimes, ugly. The glass and life are full

9.Visions. True friendship is where this song begins. And prayers for the world need only begin with a mustard seed to grow healthy and whole. "Today, it makes a difference how I walk." Thankful for grace,

love and clarity. 

10. You’re The One. A contemporary pop song. "Mirror, mirror on the wall" reflections of love transform us all. Even in a broken heart we are complete; body, soul, spirit. Keep your loved one's near to heart. In a minute things can change. (Reference navigation-bar, Welcome Home Page - In Loving Memories. The truth hurts and can free us.

11.Wavering. Wailing electric guitar by our dear friend, Larry DeBari. And, this song was my response to Madonna’s book. What can I say, it is how I felt at the time, and still do. 

12.No Time To Rush.Through thick and thin, and across the miles, friendships endure. Staying up all night between talking and quietly enjoying the sunrise. Don't you just love it when this happens?

13. Calling Your Name.Bonus track of voice and piano. So much has happened, at times, I really don't know where to begin sharing my story. Ah, life.


We dedicated this album to amazing "tuff guy" Larry DeBari, acoustic and electric guitars. (We miss you, R.I.P.) A man of gentleness, patience, and kindness. A musician of incredible talent, power, and passion. A faithful friend who made us laugh and cry; A dreamer who reminded us to live and love joyfully. 

Dreams are the sparkles of lifethat keep us believing we can fly. Dancing through the clouds musical stars calling our names the wind caressing us like golden threads and sweet smooth black lace. These songs are some of my dreams. They come from a deep life giving well that keeps asking to dance with my past and future to reach in and out, to liberate others with joy. It is a wonderful feeling to share our dreams with those who really care. I hope these dreams will keep asking your heart to dance with hope,  your spirit to believe in love, your mind to embrace the possibilities and your body to desire more.  

​Review in Music Head Magazine: 
Laurie Cagno has a voice as soft as silk and as strong as steel. A gifted performer voted Northwest New Jersey Best Female Vocalist Award. Laurie is a vocal powerhouse with an incredible dynamic range.Her energy is barely controlled and always contagious. Listen to Laurie Cagno and before you realize what’s happening, the power of her music will weave its way into your heart and rejuvenate your body and spirit. Combined with Laurie’s poetic lyrics, the result is an almost mystical style that is difficult to pin down in one category. Her songs range froma powerful combination
 of musical tastes, closest to what I would identify as contemporary rock and country roll with a few tasty ballads scattered in for seasoning. -Bill Nutt

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Original Music - Dreams Keep Asking to Dance 

Jamie, Jeff, Chriss, Paul, Suzy, Laurie

Mixolydian Studios - Northern NJ & PA

Giving my best to include musicians in ​and out of the studio from both CDs and demos.

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The first and only time I ever accidentally fell 

off a stage while jumping up and down during my song, Dance Jenny Dance. Yes, as the band kept right on playing and we all kept singing, OMG. For about a minute, felt like forever. You could hear a pin drop.  

​​​Tim, Laurie, Frog, Jeff, Paul and Edno

To the left and right of Todd is, Edno sitting-in.

Unfortunately, shortly after this shocking to many,

Endo Norwicky passed away, R.I.P.

 We were very sad to here this news. ​

and, glad we were there for

this moment in time for hugs and songs. 

Paul Maassen

Lara Gonza;ez-lead percusionist, Lisa G., Yael​ Schucam 

Marafanyi percussion, dance & song

Dreams...CD, Photographer, Erin Mills.  

With a keen eye for essence;

she is a beautiful talented artist. 

David L. Coppola, and Larry DeBari on guitars.

Rusty Springfield on bass,

Suzy and Laurie and Lara, vocals and percussion. 

Over there, to the right,

 is the Lake I grew up on. 

Trivia question: 

Why and who is in the chilly October water, behind

the raft keeping it steady for this photo shoot?

1999, R.I.P. Larry DeBari. 

We miss you and think of you often. Lucky heavenly realms.

Dreams Keep Asking To Dance (studio credits)
Laurie Cagno-lead vocals, backing vocals
Suzanne Carrington-backing vocals
David Lee Coppola-acoustic guitar
Larry DeBari-electric guitar, (R.I.P. 1999)
Lara Gonzalez-percussion (Marafanyi dance & song)
Marty Paglione-drums 4,5,8.
Rusty Springfield-bass
Special Thanks to Tim Carbone-violin 1,4,10,12
Jamie Coan-electric guitar, mandolin, violin 5,6,12
David Edwards-piano 
Glen fitten-rigg & doumbe 1
Paul Kucik-bass 2,4,5. 
Billy McManus-piano keys (R.I.P. 2015)
Bill Miller-drums 2,4,5 (R.I.P.) 
Don Sternecker-mellotron, keys 2,3,7,11.
Ned Strogh-percussion 2,3,4,8.
Erin Mills, and Debbie Burrelle, Photographs

​(Additional credits on EP hard copy.)