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Are you a

Happy Surfer?

I sure hope so. 

We saw this painted on the sidewalk. A boy of about

8 years of age did a push up directly over it and says, 

"Hi eye"

(It was such a great moment to witness.)

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In love speed, it is one step at a time

getting to know each other.​

Enjoy surfing all the waves up, 
down and over ​for 

adventure and entertainment.

"In Memory

of those

who served."

​Thank you.

Yes, Sometimes. 

A friend texted this plate to me after she spotted it in NJ. Fun.

January 20, 2020



Her name is, "Expect a Miracle"

A natural high.


No doubt, this music man soothes the soul. 

For me during times of love and grief. 

Thankful, I am.

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Say hello to Angelo, and Lori, for me.

They are an excellent couple, 

photographers and creative writers.

"Almost there"

"Defending Freedom" 

Speaking of "cuzins".

Heads up high for my beautiful and talented,

Italian cousin 

He is also a singer-songwriter. 

A terrific guitar player. As well, ​​a very

happy surfer of real ocean waves.

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Cagno Cousins

Do you notice Random plates and signs along the way.


Top center

is the moon.

Santa's elves

November 18, 2018

"Friends of MUSIC"


Just funnin. 



​Today's eye catcher, on my way home, from church. 11:44am, Lake Ave S..E. 
Sunday, March 3, 2019
​Gotta love it.


November 2018

This website was also creatively inspired, as

therapy through a profound lens of love and grief.

​I am thankful for time ​

shared with loved ones. 

​Past and present and beyond.

Surf - MyStoryBook 

Through the car window, during a major rain storm. I was crying, praying and pleading for answers at the time to some very serious things. My brother, Anthony and I had a huge argument. We left off terrible; little did we know what was coming. I had to pull over on the side of the road, and then looked out the window and saw the sun peeking out at me. Warmed my heart right up. I called my sister, and then him, we talked. it out. And yet.

Are you following the glues into

the sunlight?