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A sound wave trivia history on how and where

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​We are so thankful for cherished meetings

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Hot tip: Go see him, please give him a hug

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 Gregg Cagno singer-songwriter,

guitar player and a real fine surfer.

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My cousin Laurie has a voice that stops you in your tracks. She has that rare quality that makes you sit up and take notice and want to hear more. She possesses a sincerity that cuts right through all that sound-alike-top-40-wannabe-white-noise and reaches out with an urgency that proves she's the real thing. Whether she's singing rock, gospel, country, soul, folk or jazz (all genres which she commands with a natural grace) that voice takes you there. That's a gift you can only be born with, and what better way to give thanks for a gift than to share it with the world. Thank you Laurie! 

- Gregg Cagno Singer-Songwriter, April 2015

Eyes of The World ~ The Grateful Dead 

Recorded ~ Cagno Cousins' style

Gregg Cagno makes his home in Philadelphia, PA. His ease of phrasing and clear, warm baritone communicates the joy, wit, love and laughter in his songs without pretense. His guitar playing is bold yet fluid, filled with resonant open tunings. He's toured extensively and has appeared on festival stages from Kerrville to Falcon Ridge to South Florida to Black Potatoe. Gregg's had the opportunity to play at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts as well as open for folk/rock stars James Taylor, Richie Havens, America & Poco. His tune Backroad Driver was featured on NPRs Car Talk and he's a two time ASCAPlus award winner. His 5th CD "Worth the Wait".

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​Gregg's latest EP,

“Worth the Wait,is truly golden.  

I  love  every  song.  

Also, listen to, us sing, 

Will You Love Me tomorrow, 

~ Carole King and Gerry Goffin. 

Recorded on Gregg's live EP, 

Present Moment Days.

 Okay, surpise, surprise!!​