Together with  

Mom and Pop Witter.

Grandma Marie and photo top left are are firsts cousins with Grandma Jenny. (Some are not born yet.)

We as first cousins are preparing to sing jingle bells before Santa arrives at midnight. After a few years, we finally figured out Santa was grandpa Tony's brother, Uncle Larry

which turned out to be ​cousin

Gregg's grandfather.

These are cherished memories. 

With my cherished father. 2012

Cherished Love - Family Photos

Meet our newest family members 

Bella Rae and Christopher. 

My beloved mom and me

celebrating our birthdays in 2017

A cherished family makes for a great Italian fuss. That we are all thankful for.

Guess whose who?

Me at 18. ​

Our first ride together

with my sister-in-law in 2014

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In loving memory of our beloved grandmothers 

Marie and Jenny, my brother Anthony and his son Steven. 

Our grandmas were both from Brooklyn, New York. Then later in life, moved near us in New Jersey. They actually lived next door

to each other in their twilight years in a retirement village

which was a true blessing so they could remain close to each other.

Together with my cherished siblings, Anthony, Maria,

and Jeanne

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In love speed, it is one step at a time
getting to know each other. ​

Enjoy surfing all the waves up, 
down and over ​for 

adventure and entertainment.

Meet my talented cousin Gregg Cagno, singer-songwriter. 

It's a real creative treat when we are able to connect and share the stage.

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Here we have Han's parents, 

his brother Karl and wife, Melinda.

(They have two beautiful sons,

however, photo shy.) 

Suzy and I, 

singing soul sisters.

Our beloved Uncle Frank Cagno

and my first cousin Louis Salvatore. 

We thank you for your service 

along with all the men and woman

who have serviced our country.

Friends and family celebrating my Anthony's brother's 57th surprise birthday in June of 2016

Together they gather Aunt Lilly, Dolly, Lucy, Jenny, and Aunt Gloria and Aunt Valerie​.

Two sisters married two brothers.

That's why there are so many

Cagno relatives.

Beloved Zany

R.I.P 2014

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Yes, two sisters married two brothers.

Grandma, Jenny Amoroso


Grandpa, Tony Cagno 

Aunt, Lucy Amoroso 


Uncle, Frank Cagno.

My brother Anthony and precious nieces and nephews with Hans.