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- Mary Barnett Campagna


Mike Markovski

The Peace Perspective

(An excellent read for

parents and caregivers.)

​Gregory Hines and Keith Illidge Loving

Jaye Smith.

You never know who you will meet during business

and pleasure in NYC.

Lara Gonzalez

"Laurie, OMG! That song is BEAUTIFUL. And your singing is JUST as beautiful.  

If not MORE beautiful. Trust me. I had the honor and privilege to have played for Aretha,

Roberta Flack, Judy Collins, Valerie Simpson and MORE GREAT songers.

You take a back seat to NONE of them. You goose-bumped me babe." 

 - Keith Illidge Loving, January 2015 

(Cherished tip: Keith is referring to my original song, Think of This, he heard on Facebook. 

We did not know each other before an endearing personal interaction between us., prior to him hearing this song.. 

Through musical-heart-strings we share a deep soul connection. ​​It is amazing when and how this happens.) 

My cousin Laurie has a voice that stops you in your tracks. She has that rare quality that makes you sit up and take notice and want to hear more. She possesses a sincerity that cuts right through all that sound-alike-top-40-wannabe-white-noise and reaches out with an urgency that proves she's the real thing. Whether she's singing rock, gospel, country, soul, folk or jazz (all genres which she commands with a natural grace) that voice takes you there. That's a gift you can only be born with, and what better way to give thanks for a gift than to share it with the world. Thank you Laurie! - Gregg Cagno Singer-Songwriter, April 2015

I can tell you with pleasure that this songbird fills any room with inspiration and ideas that infuse the audience with energy, and freedom. She is an incredible talent. Her performance is commanding, powerful, warm and inviting. I had the opportunity to work with Laurie as a support vocal for her EP, “Dreams” Keep Asking

to Dance.” I have enjoyed not only collaborating with her but embracing a lifelong friend. - Suzanne Carrington, Singer-Songwriter, January 2015 

Musicians make great observers of the human condition. Some tackle specific political issues and decry injustice. Others discuss their heroes or heroic acts. Some just look around, take in what they see and create art.  That is what Laurie Cagno has done with “Think of This”. This is a very simple song, just a singer and piano. A very wise choice because it doesn't need anything else. She starts off like John Lennon reading the news.  Like most of us it makes no sense.  Her view expands to strangers in the streets, loneliness and other maladies we face.  But this is no downer.  It’s not preacher either.  She simply implores us to Think of This, consider the alternatives and “together we rise and fall“. She does this with passion and a clear voice that makes the lyrics even more poignant.

"Think of This" is not an anthem, but it is a very positive thought in a negative world, written and performed

by Laurie Cagno with style and grace.  It’s something we all need to keep in mind.  

- Mark Shultz, Station Owner-DJ-Mark Skin Radio on the internet-Boston, MA, March 2015

"Laurie is Love.” ~ Lara Gonzalez, Marafanyi dance & song with poetry in motion from the USA. June 2016

Hi Laurie, I was able to listen to your music over the weekend. Both were beautiful to listen to.

The lyrics and you’re your voice are amazing. I am not surprised that the world is welcoming you and great opportunities, and potential await you. Good luck. You deserve it.  - Jay Smith, April 2015

(Co-author of Venus Abound. And, Reboot Your Life, and Revolutionary Retirement; What's Next For You?) 

 Laurie Cagno’s music touches the heart and soothes the soul. There are few singers in the world whose voice brings such comfort to our senses. Laurie is one of those rare singers who sings with unbridled passion and sensuality. 

Her voice takes the listener on an emotional journey that connect them with the essence of each song.

Laurie is not only an accomplished singer but also an immensely talented writer. Writing many of her own songs, she connects with the lyrics in a very powerful way.  Her songs will take you on a journey that will awaken your emotions and senses. The lyrics convey emotions such as love, pain, understanding, spirituality, and acceptance. Some of my favorite songs from Laurie’s first two EPs are 

Peace of Mind, You’re the One, Rain Dance, and Hope like an Angel.          

Do yourself a favor and take a listen to Laurie’s beautifully written and performed  songs on her CD’s, 

Dancing Cantos and Dreams Keep Asking To Dance. Laurie’s soothing voice is ready to take you

on a magical ride well-worth taking. All you have to do is jump in. 

​~Mike Markovski Author; The Peace Perspective “Seeing the world in a new way”  April 2015 

Early days of ground work and play in New Jersey;

sitting-in with From Good Homes. Bernie's Hillside

in northern New Jersey.

Treasure Tips:

Dancing Cantos and Dreams keep asking to dance

credit notes and photos, history, all under, - CDBaby.com (navigation-bar.)

Check out each of their original music:


(left to right in photo)

Jamie Coan - violin, mandolin.


Brady, Bass – www.bradyrymer.com

​Patrick, drums – www.patrickfitzsimmons.net

​Todd, guitar, lead vocals – https://www.facebook.com/toddsheaffermusic/
Danny, saxophone plus–

(They all write, sing and are multi-instrumentalist.)

Wild Horses 

- Dan Cappiello

​(pencil drawing)

Really cool. A Gregory Hines USA

postal stamp, January 2019

​Looking great is, Keith L. I. 

(Third in from the left.)

 ​Keith Illidge Loving 

A one-of-a-kind superstar-musician-painter,

who has given so freely of his gifts and talents 

to millions of people. And still does.

Thank you, Keith for generously, gently watering seeds

planted deep my heart for centuries.

Your music touches my soul too. You truly

"goose bumped me back." 

For this I am eternally grateful. 

Love, Laurie

​​​December 14, 2018

EP release of three really cool new songs. 


Who knew your lovely Lilly would be the angel to connect our stars with such a warm 

introduction through Facebook.

Couisins Gregg and Laurie

"​Never stop singing

your own song." 

(This was a gift from a friend, many years ago.)

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Multi-instrumentalist with the band, Railroad Earth,

 Tim Carbone is also involved in band projects with, 

The Contribution, and Cedar Sparks; I am working on obtaining accurate information....Look them up too. So talented..

Todd, and Tim are both in http://www.railroad.earth 


Go check out many northern New Jersey artists. 

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Eventually, no doubt, as you dive deeper, yes,

deeper, you will connect all of these creative dots.

And then yes, "come up smiling." ~ T.S.


​​This time-around's featured musician,

Keith Loving Illidge, 

Guitarist, singer, composer, painter. 

Clearly, among, other beloved and talented,

artist friends and associates.

(Note: Keith was G.H.'s faithful guitar player for 20 plus years.)

Gregory Hines, Keith Loving and The Family Band

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Keith Illidge Loving, and

Keith Loving and the Family Bandhttps://store.cdbaby.com/cd/familyportriat

Lara, Suzy, Laurie

We actually met on stage, as adults, through keen friends.

We met as very young children a few times in Brklyn', New York

via-Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause.

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​"Connecting with the audience is one of Laurie’s great strengths. She’s always been into positive things, like hope, love and healing. Communicating with the crowd, getting that message across. She is a creative artist with a solid work ethic. Working on songwriting, arranging and in the studio 

is inspiring and a joy." ​October, 11, 2017 

~ Paul Maassen, General Manager, WWNO, 89.9fm,
​NPR New Orleans, Louisiana

Treasure tip: 

Original song, Rain dance, is a a waves of sun-showers. 

Recorded on my debut CD. It opens up the heart and calls 

all creation to sing and dance with tear-dropped tongues that renew the spirit of kindness and unconditional love. 

Think of This

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May 2018  Thank you, Dave La Point and Ed Hamell,

for supporting original music. It is an honor to be included among so many great talents on the, Wall of Fame. 

The Sarah Street Grill, Stroudsburg, PA

Delicious food and great service accompanied by, 

wonderful musicians for 23 years.

Keep your eyes and ears open for a steady there,

Len Mooney, pianist, singer songwriter, and Ed Hamell. 

And, when you visit please give my best.