Laurie, Anthony, Maria, Jeannie


They say,

"the truth cuts like a knife." ​It does.

We must learn, heal, love more and be set free from from inside out.

​If only.

​December. 2019

My precious niece, MollyAnn.  

my brother's


Too many people, especially, sad to share for us,

is our precious 17 years young, son, grandson,

my/our nephew Steven, who we had to let go 

from this earth way too soon.

My husband and I are grateful we shared his last day on earth together at our home with his precious sister and brother. 

The next day we were all shocked. Devastated to say the least.

Fact: Abuse of anything compromises optimum health.

In Steven's case, alcohol and heroin took his life.

Nope, he didn't think it would happen to him. 

If you and loved ones have been affected 

by these kinds of experiences too,

our hearts goes out to you and yours. 

Deepest condolences. 

Dear Family and friends,

We love and appreciate you.

And hope you and yours are well and loved up.

One day at a time

we will all get

through this heartache.

Allowing memories to comfort and remind us how lucky we are to

know and have shared

this cherished love.

​We can learn from 

our own, and other's experiences.

​I am a witness. 

you love with love"

A double rainbow appeared over

​the church during Steve's viewing.

Hundreds of people rushed out to see it. 

Anthony and our mom

     Welcome Home - In Loving Memory 

(Beloved family)


the people

you love

with love".​

~ James Taylor

It matters.

June 27, 2016 This was written for my brothers' last birthday; 57 years of age, and was given to him at his surprise B-day party and read at the memorial service.)

Anthony, You are an amazing. Master of loving kindness and passionate life. A cherished, sensitive, loving strong man; son, grandson, brother, nephew, cousin, friend, husband, father, and teacher.

Every day in the face of challenges, peaks, valleys, and precious moments a heart of gold is who you are. You have a character of steel with solid morals, deep faith and a great ability for unconditional love. You are a colorful Chef of story and deep dish apple pie deliciousness is who you are. Oh if only I could count the times and ways that you have been a true friend. 

Your TLC touches perfectly by simply your beautiful smile and that Joker’s style; a tickle in a pickle.  An empowering pinching tease with a very patient ear, deals, meals of Italian stallion spicy sauce, bagels and lox and mmm that early morning steamy cup of Jo to sooth the soul. My favorite is one of your soft flannel shirts to wear or just hold close beside a chilly night’s campfire with smores for those sometimes heated truth talks and gentle breezy full-moonlit walks. Nu-skin silky or that big bear cuddling love tug pulling one in to your extraordinary caring being; oh how flavorful coffee rich fragrant filled socks beyond our wildest dreams are

we-you are.

Family, friends, motorcycles, sunshine high flying fishing, football, Lacrosse, classic rock; R&B, R&R for R&R and jazzy swing with your unique scat singing in the shower is who you are. A classy, sassy, wise, fun-loving, cool spirited soul of passionate garden. Yes, dear brother you are a hoot with a toot. And last but not least, most certainly, you are a “one in a million” hot hunk of burnin love.

You ooze positive mental attitude (P.M.A.) and “live it every day.” 

Thank you for being who you are. You are amazing grace.

You are loved dearly. Yes, You are love Anthony. Happy Birthday. 

We all love you so much,
Laurie Ann (My birth name.)

 Walking along the beach, prayerfully pleading for love's sake,

I came upon this seashell-sand-art; JESUS.​ 

And then instant comforting-waves of loving vibrations... 

My brother was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer March 2016. He was told he had eight months to a year to live.

Six months later his 17 year old son, Steven, passed away.

Shortly after, my brother decided, no more chemo.

He wanted to live the rest of his time here in the 

best quality possible. He was and remains an

inspiration to many. He lived a few months 

longer than expected by doctors.

We give our best to understand and 

have learned how important it is to let go

of negative energy and allow love to be. 

Obviously, this a big a conversation. 

Story and song, are the best ways

for me to process and share my feelings. 

Thus, please Go Right Now

and "shower the people you love with love". 

It may save lives and profound heartache. 

​From our family to yours, thank you for your

thoughtful, prayers and loving vibrations.

​One day at a time we will get through this.  

One of the last, beautiful photos

of my brother and the newest 

member of our family, Christopher. 

November 2015

My brother's precious sons.

Some of the

Lori Zackman-Cagno family.

Happy go lucky, Steven in the center.

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Siblings, Jeanne, Anthony, Maria Laurie and my husband Hans. 

Maria, Laurie, Jeanne, Anthony

Family and close friends. 

Anthony's 57th surprise birthday party. 

June 27, 2016 

One of the last photos

of them together. 

Molly's high school

graduation day.

June 2016

Brother-in-laws. Vic, Anthony, Glenn, and our father.

Year book, dedication from his high school graduation class of 2017

Anthony with his immediate family.

MollyAnn, Anthony, Steven and Lori

Treasure Quest Trivia

This is tough 

to share as I reflect and

sew more unconditional love,

patience and understanding.

Fact: Abuse of drugs and alcohol related deaths are staggering.

If only we had all seen deeper,

way sooner, and trust our gifts

of  intuition and discernment.

We were so close as the chills gave

me and revealed key glues prior,

especially, that last day, 

as we shared fun in the sun,

music and teen conversation.

And, then drove them home. 

If only.

We Never 



would happen

to our family​.

Anthony and our father

"Shower the people 

Energy flows where attention goes. 

What is your attention focused on?

A current photo of my precious God-son, now age 18.

and his beautiful mom, Lori 

Yes, we are all coming along

with each new day.

November ​2018

Steven's First Communion

​​​​Steven Cagno

​​January 29, 1999 - August 12, 2016

Are you paying attention to important signs

in front of you? 

The right questions


responses are key

to see deeper than

the surface.

Anthony Leonard Cagno
June 27, 1960 - May 18, 2017

Our precious

nieces and nephews.

September 2, 2012

Anthony and Steven

cooking together.

A man of great character and substance.