​​Special delivery of peace and love

The sand-art photo here, knocked me right off my feet as I arrived at the beach for a very mindful and prayerful morning walk. As intuition does...while I was listening to my song “Hope Like An Angel” on my ipod, laser focused on the slide guitar. I felt the loving vibrations...of those who had gone prior to this moment in time. It was, is amazing and the music was simply more beautiful than ever.

On this day in particular, prior to getting out of my car, I had been listening to a book on tape.  The subject-matter was the power of Sanskrit, and how we are able to create sort of catch-and-release offerings of emotional feelings which allow healing transformations to occur in our minds, bodies and spirits. These transformations alter our perspective and affect our souls.  

Just the night before, I received shocking news that a extraordinarily talented musician friend had passed away. A month early, almost to the day, another amazing artist friend, a pianist, JoEllen, left this earth way to soon. This made it three close musician friends who had all played on my first two CDs. So sad! Also, approximately fifteen years earlier, another of my amazing guitarist friends who also played on my songs passed away after battling cancer. Awful, to say the least.  

These talented artists are deeply admired, loved and respected.  Their passing was seriously devastating for their families and friends. Many people felt the profound rippling effects. These three musicians in particular were definitely from beyond this world. They were amazing people as was obvious on every stage they graced. 

A closely-knit local community of musicians were “blown away “by this news. The closer to home, the faster and deeper it pierces the heart.  It was, and will remain for a long time, our loss and heaven‘s gain.  

I am honored and grateful that we were able to make some beautiful music together for a short but memorable time. I know with every fiber in me that this sand-art was a sign from them, letting me know they are more than okay in heavenly orchestras and free. They are shining now and forever in our hearts and souls.

Mysteriously, somehow they continue to encourage me on my way to complete my destiny along with the many amazing musicians from other times. The best of the best makes beautiful music in perfect timing.

~ Laurie Cagno Witter

Original Music - In Loving Memory​

(Cherished musicians who have influenced my first two EP's. Gone to soon.)






on the beach, searching



questions. Receiving profound


Homage to these beautiful musicians

who contributed to my two my music.


Christopher Todd Hartshorne, aka, Tucker​

Bill Miller 

​Larry DeBari 

JoEllen Dolan-Livick 

Buck Dilly, Steven Kirlinger

​​Billy McManus

​Edno Norwicky

Andy Gosseling​

These musicians have influenced so many lives.

And, have generously shared their ​talented

touches on my life and some of my music. 

(Live performance and recordings.)

For this, I am grateful.

Tucker, the lead singer of the, 

Blue Sparks From Hell Band. 
The king of Northern New Jersey Rock and Roll...

A beautiful bridge of communication. 

as he and keen friends actually, surprised us, 

and introduced me and my talented cousin

Gregg to each other at one of Gregg's performances at Rosie's Cabaret.