​​​​                       Lights of Love                                          
Hello...It’s me…I am here now…It's good to see you…I love you…I’m sorry.

Please forgive me…I…well…I…just didn’t believe this would happen. 

Don’t wonder why, or if this…or if only that...
It wasn’t your fault or anyone else’s.
Please be at peace and know that I am okay. 

Please tell everyone I love them and that I am so sorry...

And that we will see each other again. Thank you for loving me. 

In the light, we will forever be together. In the warm flicker of candle’s flame.

In the sunrise and color-full sunsets, we will see each other. 

In tears wiped away by a gentle caress and a tender smile of forgiveness. 

In our mind and within our heart is where we are truly free.

In the light of love we will forever be.  Love, Steven

See you in the light beloved. 

~ Laurie Cagno Witter

 August 2016

Anthony Leonard Cagno    R.I.P.     Steven Anthony Cagno 

                     June 27, 1960 - May 18, 2017        January 29, 1999 - August 12, 2016 

(Lights of love is a what I call a reflective poem of sorts. It is, was a dialog soul

to soul with my sweet 17 year old nephew, Steven, shortly after he unexpectedly passed.)

On a starlit night while praying with the rhythm of ocean waves we communicated.

It was as if we were sitting on the beach together simply having one of our heart to heart talks by the bright light of the moon. It was intense, tears flowing and nervous laughter.

(I am not sure how these things work, however, I know they do.

This experience was deeply surreal. And I am so grateful.

Clearly, love is the most powerful gift we can share.

And to say the least love and grief are such profound experiences.)


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