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Originally posted on FB, by, John Cameron - DJ,  Fridays 3pm-7pm, ​​​Requests 973-794-3180

http://www.homegrownradionj.com/​  ​  Website: www.HomegrownRadioNJ.org

(Posted on Facebook December 19, 2017  Elmwood Park, NJ)
For those of you who I crossed paths with in late 2001, I might have given you a copy of this compilation of highlights from the 4th and 5th annual Singer Songwriter Holiday Festivals of

'98 and '99 organized by Denny Tilton and the late beautiful angel Rachel McCullough. These selections are just a small percentage of the wealth of great musicians from the Northwest

New Jersey area. 

1. Say A Prayer - Bobby Syvarth w/ Jai Dillon and J Skeehan
2. Feast Of Stephen - Frank James Norris
3. Little Drummer Boy - Timothy Carbone and Andy Goessling
4. Santa Man - Bill Kelly with Paul Kuzik , Tim Carbone and John Skeehan
5. Dobro Christmas Medley - Mike Esposito.
6. Ring The Bells For Christmas - Samuel Saint Thomas with
Greg Cagno, Andy Goessling and Patrick Fitzsimmons
7. Christmas Is Coming On - Mef Gannon
8. Bring Us Christ - Jack Tannehill
9. Amazing Grace - Laurie Cagno Witter and Suzanne Carrington
10. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree -The Secret Admirers
(Lisa Braiman, Dave Goessling and Andy Goessling)
11. Bluegrass Christmas - Big Boss Sausage and The Missing 
Links (Matt Mingo Lodge, Dmitri Thomas, Nik Grushwitz
12. If I Had A 1,000,000 Presents -Joe McKee, Dave McBride
13. Johnny's Jig-> The Holly and The Ivy - John H. Skehan III w/ Paul Kuzik
14. Loving Arms Of Christmas - Gary Youngclaus
15. Everywhere He Goes - Paul Maassen
16. River - Greg Cagno and Andy Goessling
17. Life On The Farm - Denny Tilton with Paul Kusik, John Skeehan and Andy
18. Away In A Manger - From Good Homes

Tracks 1-4 recorded at Krogh's , Sparta NJ 12/10/98. Live mix by Gary Youngclaus
Tracks 5-17 recorded 12/09/99 Krogh's , live mix by Tom Askin
Track 18 recorded 12/17/98 Stanhope NJ. Live mix by Rob Calabrese

​After yesterday's posting I received some requests for more music from the '99 Holiday Singer- Songwriter Showcase. I was able to come up with these gems.
1- I Wish - Luke Liddy
2- Season Of Love - Alaskan (Tom Askin and Mike Alicke)
3- Wrap Up A Kiss - Bruce Smith with Andy Goessling
4- Rappin' Rudy - Greg Cagno with Patrick Fitzsimmons
5- Can't Ask More Than That - Denny Tilton with Paul Kuzik, Mike Alicke and John H. Skehan III
6- Somebody Talkin' Bout Jesus - Kate Sobolewski and Paul Sobolewski
7- Sing For Me - Todd Sheaffer
8- Bring It On Home - Gary Gullbergh with Kate and Paul.
9- 32 Feet and 8 Little Tails - April Gozdenovich
10- Stumbled On Goodbye - Robert Matarazzo
11- The Ray Ban Song - Samuel Saint Thomas with Tim Carbone, Patrick Fitzsimmons and John Skeehan
12- Beautiful Jane - Patrick Fitzsimmons with Paul Kusik and John Skeehan
13- Must Be Santa Claus - Bruce Smith.
14- This Blue Earth - Timothy Carbone and Everybody

Recorded 12/9/99 Krogh's, Sparta, NJ. Live mix by Tom Askin with Mike Alicke. Recorded By Johnny C. using Sony D8 DAT, mastered to disc with Harmon Kardon 

Lara, Suzanne, Laurie

Northern New Jersey winter-chilly day.