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, Mystery Lady is a call from our souls to be true to our true essence; heart and soul. To be confident, courageous and mindful on life's path.

And, yes, a real mystery lady, actually, showed up at one of our performances and said

she worked with Mariah Carey etc. 

And, that she liked what she heard,

and looked forward to hear more.

The next day this song arrived. 

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​Enjoy surfing all these waves up, down and 
over ​for adventure and entertainment.

You never know,

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from inside-out

and about.

​Are you ready

to answer

destiny's call

for more?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Mystery Lady

Three o'clock in a diner the booth is cold and gray 
I'm scribbling a note to no one on a napkin before I pay 

A willowy woman bent over and looked Eye to eye embrace 

She smiled and saw to my soul I could not see her face 

   Mystery lady come out, were not to far 
   I'm ready for you are you ready for me now, 
   ready for you are you ready for me now 

Ring around the moon, powders the ground with snow 
Dreams keep asking to dance, to places I don't know 

I love the early mornings when your voice is warm and low 
Your fingers trace my body inviting me to go...you say... 


Mystery Lady is recorded on 13 track EP,

Dreams Keep Asking to Dance, 4:23, D Major

​Songs written and arranged by, Laurie Cagno, co-songwriters, 
with co-arrangements. ​​@copyrights USA, registered, BMI) 
See credits  - Original Music sub-pages.

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Singer songwriter, Laurie Cagno