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Think of This

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The universe is

a collective-view created in the image

of each one of us.

Do you see clearly,

yourself in others?

Story filled songs

for all ages to enjoy together.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Foreword: ​​​​​​​​In the academic world of physical geography, the point at which two or more rivers meet is referred to as a confluence site. Such a site is ideally positioned to benefit from trade and commerce, and prosperity is practically guaranteed. After editing Laurie’s work, I sometimes feel as  if she is situated at

a confluence site where coincidences meet. In the first place, the name of Laurie’s first band, Love All People, arose from her philosophy of life and a credo that she followed each day. 

When she moved to Las Vegas, she became involved in a youth ministry ironically called Love All People, a name chosen by someone else who knew nothing of Laurie Cagno. Intriguing, indeed! Laurie’s pen name, Lady Cleopatra, was assigned by a stranger who had no idea Laurie’s childhood horse’s name was Lady or that her initials were L.C. And, he certainly had no idea Laurie was about to meet unique companions with prophetic names in a brief encounter at the beach. Furthermore, her horse Lady remained firmly fixed in her mind as horses kept jumping in and out of her consciousness through interactions with other strangers like the college student preparing to be a horse trainer.

The sand art pictured on the cover illustrates Laurie’s attitude toward life and other people, and it prophetically suggested a cover for the work Laurie had envisioned for some time. Some say there is no such thing as coincidence. Whether or not that is true, this book provides much for us to reflect upon and ponder as we continue life’s journey. 

- R. J. B. ​

​​    A pique inside of these reflections.

1.  Twinkle toes and sunshine;miracles just in time

​2.  Caught Between you and me, I am

​3.  Come out, come out wherever you are

​4.  Wake up call me if you're able;eyes talk

​5.  No Matter what the puzzle looks like

​6.  Serving a life sentence

7.  Stay the course of many colors

​8.  Love in a broken heart

9.  Shiny, dusty diamonds

10. Make nice with fire

​11.  Divine revelations, dreams and visions

​12. Back home to hope

13. Broken bones and a ladder

​14. Enough is enough, meet Lady Cleopatra

 Laurie's contagious attitude inspires one 

to pause, listen and tune into healthy

strides of love connecting the divine within. 

~​ ​R.J.B. (Retired Principle and Teacher)

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Reflections of Love, grace and clarity​; dances with life

~ Laurie Cagno Witter

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