​Original Music featuring songs, 

Blue Diamonds (new music)

Think of This

(Voice and piano mini-track EP)

And full band arrangements,

Dancing Cantos(9 track EP)
Dreams Keep Asking to Dance

(13 track EP)​


Love reflects love.

Sound Waves Trivia

What are your innate gifts, talents dreams and visions?

Are you nurturing


love in your life?

These are the real

questions and answers

to discover.

Are you listening

and following 

the glues?


For clarity sake: 

Yes, my go to is Christ-Jesus. 

I also love the teachings of

Buddha, and Native American ways.

Along with eastern and western homeopathic and metaphysical studies. God, he-and-she

sure know what they are doing. 

Clearly were are connected 

as a collective through the heart and soul.

Love, compassion and respect

for all people is empowerment.

Love is God, ​God is love. 

​Thankful, I am.

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In love speed it is one step at a time

getting to know each other. ​
Enjoy surfing all of these waves up, down and 
over ​for adventure and entertainment.

​Songs written and arranged by, Laurie Cagno, 

co-songwriters, and co-arrangements. ​​

@copyrights USA, registered, BMI) 
See credits  - Original Music sub-pages.​

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For a short and sweet journey surf over to LaurieCagnoMusic.com

For a short and sweet journey surf over to LaurieCagnoMusic.com

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