1.   I Know

2.  I See

3.  I Speak

4   I Love

5.  I  Can

6.  I Feel

​7.  I Have

8.  I Am

9.-11 Bonus            tracks

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At the very top. ​​ ​​

 Colorful story and song 

for all ages to share.

​"Perspective really is everything."

​​What is your point of view 

this time around? 


(It matters.)

Potential Partnerships - New Music 

~ Laurie Cagno Witter and co-writers

Connections of the heart

are clearly played in perfect key. 

Another of my favorite kind of tuners.​

For a number of reasons, I am learning about these things as quickly as possible. Seeking and finding answers through prayer, dreams, visions, meditation and research by the experts. ​I have experienced seeing and feeling healing energy waves throughout my body. Thus, discovering new ways of thinking and living a more balanced life. Check it out for yourself. ​

Gain insight and understanding that may assist in

preventing sickness, creating self-healing. 

And may comfort you and your loved ones.


Hint, hint,

​Knock, knock?

Laurie Cagno style...

Think of This

​​​Treasure Quest Trivia

What are your innate gifts, talents dreams and visions?


Are you nurturing

love in your life?

These are the real

questions and answers to discover.

Are you listening

and following 

the glues?

Hello and welcome.

​​​​​​​It is nice to meet you here and there. 

​Be encouraged and inspired. 

Life is meant to be happy,

healthy, and joy-filled. 

Give and receive unconditional love.

It really is the best way to 

live a full and happy life.​