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Think of This
(Voice and piano mini-track EP)

Dancing Cantos ​​(9 track EP, debut)

​Dreams Keep Asking to Dance​ (13 track EP) 

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Laurie Cagno, co-songwriters and 

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Dreams keep asking to dance

(13 track EP)


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Think of This

Treasure Quest Trivia

Which songs were 

inspired, by a kitten peaking around the corner and the other song by a patron 

I met, ​while

tending bar,  

in a little

French Restaurant

in New Jersey? 

Hint, hint, hint,

1. Two different CDs. 

2. The essence of life.

3. The Prophet, 

~ Kahlil Gilbran 

The artist's way around the world.

Laurie Cagno singer-songwriter from NJ. Reflective story filled songs for

all ages. Many genres from and for heart and soul connections. A collaboration of creative inspiration. Past, present and beyond,

meet destiny for the highest good. ​

Do you know where this wall 

of gold records is located?


​​Original Music

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Think of This

(voice and piano. Mini-track EP)

A leap of faith into dances with the lake I grew up on.

(working toward new photos...)

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