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Think of This
(Voice and piano mini-track EP)

Dancing Cantos ​​(9 track EP, debut)

​Dreams Keep Asking to Dance​ (13 track EP) 


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Review song titles, keys, and detailed credits under sub-page, under - Original music.

Songs written and arranged by, 

Laurie Cagno, co-songwriters and 

co-arrangements with musicians ​@Copyrights USA, registered, BMI

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Dreams keep asking to dance

(13 track EP)

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Think of This,

Sound Waves Trivia

Which songs were inspired, 

by a kitten peeking around the corner,  and the other song by a patron I met ​while tending bar in a little French Restaurant in New Jersey? Hint, hint,

 1. Two different CDs. 

2. The essence of life.

3. The Prophet, 

~ Kahlil Gilbran 

Do you know where this wall of gold records is located?


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Think of This

Voice and piano, original demo.

Mini-track EP​​

- Original Music -​​

Story filled songs for all ages.

The artist's way around the world.

Bonus, Sound Waves Trivia

Do you know who is playing guitar

on these gold records?

Hint, hints,

Roberta Flack, Barry Manilow 

and painting title: The Heavens


on the arrow. hint, hint,




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