Top left I surrendered to love of the arts

where the songs

began on stage

in high school musicals. ​

Dan Myers - Saxophone...

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Todd, Paul,

Suzy, Laurie


~ Debbie Burelle

Vegas before back to NJ

Yes, photos are surfacing

as we share here.

Debut CD release party

Larry DiBari and Lara Gonzalez

Larry DiBari, R.I.P.

Thank you for the

fondest of memories.

You are thought of often.  

Some ground work and play featuring the ladies and

wonderful musicians from northern New Jersey. 

Meet my very talented singer-songwriter cousin,

Gregg Cagno.

On the right of him are the Sharer Sisters, backing us up

at Centinary College Theater in Hackettstown, NJ

Bonus, our cousin Andrea Salvatore and her friend,

shared interpretive dance with us. 

​Gregg and I met by surprise for the first time

as adults on stage through musician friends (bottom photo)

C.T. Tucker and D.L.C.. Yes, they figured out family ties.

I remember Gregg's grandfather playing Santa Claus when we were young children in the midst of our big Italian family Christmas gatherings in Brooklyn, NY. And like one of his recent CD' is titled, our friendship is totally "Worth the Wait.

And for a surprise, surprise, look us up on covered recordings, 

Eyes of the World and Will you Love me Tomorrow.

Gregg Cagno

(My talented cuzzie)


~ Erin Mills

Suzy and Laurie

Love All People, A music ministry.

There we are singing gospel music. Where we met in 

Las Vegas, NV 


past, present, future.

Loving friendships 

make the best differences in life

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​​From Good Homes, Kings In disguise, Harpoon daddies, 

and many more wonderful musicians, based in northern, NJ

Suzanne Carrington

​and I met in Vegas. In a gospel group ministry. And, years later met up again in NJ.

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n love speed, it is one step at a time 

getting to know each other. ​
Yes, keep surfing all the waves down and over
for adventure and entertainment.

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In the studio. 

Lara Gonzalez,


Jeff Barg,

current drummer

of the





Outpost in the Burbs

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Grateful for every step of my journey.

​Honoring past, present and future

is important for so many reasons and seasons.

Randy Artilgiere, Rusty Springfield and Chris Farrelly,

mostly covered bass. and, hmm, Paul Kusik

and a few other fill-ins. Looking through more photos. 

Stanhope House

Deep roots make for a solid foundation and cherished memories. Thankful, I am.

Do you know who is who? Where you there?

Lara and Lisa Gonzaelez, Yael Shacham,

Marafani Group

drum, dance & song in poetic motion.

Appreciating the ups and downs is key for me to continue on my creative path. For this I am thankful. (This photo was taken on a road I often travel.)

(Lara, Jamie, Laurie, Jeff, Suzanne, Chriss, Paul, Gregg, audience and team players.)

Where you at this historical event? Did you bring your pillow and a friend?

We had a ball. Hint, hint, live footage somewhere in this website. Hmm,

must be under -original music, two live recordings. At this point in time, I am

dizzy from dancing with updates and edit details, details, details.

​The band Entity,

Laurie, John Lerner,

Pat Sue, Carol Lane.  

Vegas days of gospel music.