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Meet waves of wonderful artists,

musicians, and credits
here, there and everywhere.


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Reflective story filled songs for all ages to share. 
Past, present and beyond ​meet destiny ​to serve the highest good.​ 
Laurie Cagno artist-singer-song-writer's 
way around the world.
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In-love-speed, one step at a time getting to know each other. ​
Yes, keep surfing all the waves down and over

for adventure and entertainment.

While working in the staffing industry in NYC 

you can meet the most amazing people; 

and when you are lucky enough, angels. 

Yes, earth angels.​

When you pay attention, You may spot

beautiful diamonds everywhere.  

(More story to arrive all in divine times and places.)

My Story Book - Shiny dusty, diamonds

(story soon to arrive)