Okay, as promised, now really

tighten your flippers. We are going

for a deep dive into an amazing

true story to be shared in it's entire context, all in divine times and places.

Hint, hint, ​Keeping peace created

major miracles right

before everyone's eyes. 

After a few days.

I asked her if she recognized this man? 

Struggling to recall...

"Hmm, Mmm....No."

(A different response for Santana.)

The most important thing you can do

on this planet .- elevate, transform and illuminate your own consciousness.

~ Carlos Santana 

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In love speed it is one step at a time 

getting to know each other. ​

Enjoy surfing all the waves up, 
down and over ​for 

adventure and entertainment.

Dear Stranger card,

made by, woman in

Rwanda, Africa.

My Story Book - Twinkle Toes and Sunshine; miracles just in time​

Spa Day to

brighten things up. 

Ironically, I actually found this piece of paper, folded up while walking over the bridge to the hospital. Ni kidding, really. Stuck it in my raincoat pocket. A few days later, my last day there in the lobby on my way out 

of the hospital, I sat down to take catch a breath after saying good bye to my cherished friend and her father.

Wondering if we would ever see each other again.

And again, it was pouring rain outside. Thus, waiting for

it to slow down. A woman walks up to me, and asks if

I speak Spanish. I say, "no however, may I help you with something?" ​She explained her daughter

was in the ICU. And that she needed a miracle..

We sat and talked for about a half hour.

We, prayed, hugged, and said good-bye. 

Then, walking back over the bridge to

to my car, hands in my pocket, and

realize the note was clearly for her.

Yes, we exchanged phone numbers.

Therefore, shortly after I text the note to her.  

Be sure to look,

over there to the right.........

In the hospital parking garage

on my way to the ICU, prayerfully mindful...concerned about our friend, I spot this card. It was a rainy day so carefully weighing my options of which way to go...over the walking bridge or another way...Hmm. I look over and

a few feet away see a car with a sticker on it that read, "Be here now". 

To say the least, it was a mysteriously, 

profound moment of confirmation.

The tears of relief and confirmation...simply flowed.  

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On the eleventh day...

We started playing music for our friend in ICU, who suffered from

a severe brain injury, internally bleeding for two days. We researched,

and believed music, dance, and mediation would trigger 

her memories, to come back to us, and it did.

From Gregorian chants to classic rock and roll.

Clearly, the gifts of love joined.High vibrations through prayers 

from around the world were literally going toward our friend. 

It was evident to all of us in the hospital that we all simply nudged

and loved her out of this struggle to come back to us. 

We all imagined her whole, healthy, and happy. We, were able to visit, along with family and the hospital staff, were firsthand witnesses, amazed by her recovery. 

The doctors and nurses called her a real miracle. 

Our friend is now living a miraculous life, which is her story to share all in divine time.

(Although, she doesn't remember anything from her time in ICU. Wow.)

We are all thankful for sacred-vibes, prayers, eggplant parmesan, Ukrainian-Italian style.  Family photos, cards, even spa day. Healing thoughts and prayers

from around the world. Chakra energy, which I understand as, Reiki practice

Meditations played via-cell phone, plants, song, dance, Einstein and Carlos Santana. 

The entire staff of doctors and nurses were amazing. And amazed.  

I​n North Carolina I connected with our other best friend who just happened 

to be a registered nurse, married to a neurologist.  What are those odds. 

It is difficult to explain all of this here, however, 
We-BFF had not seen each other all together in 18 years. This was a profound experience to say the least. 

By the way, our friend doesn't remember being in the ICU, and vaguely in the

hospital at all. She told a family member of a dream that saw her four grandparents

while unconscious. They told her "she needed to go back,

that it was not her time to transition." ​​

(Understand a month prior to this time, We talked about goals and desires, and she let me know, in no uncertain terms that She " had plenty of life to live. And, desired to live a full and happy life. "Thus, as anyone who has ever met her would know for sure, her friends joined forces and supported

her choice to stay here and on her terms of healthy. 

(Additional stories to be shared when the time is just right.) 

You would believe what happened next.

A few days visiting,

we are looking at

a magazine with a photo of Santana'...

I ask, do you know who this is? She says, in a whisper with excited eyes and a smile,

"Oh, I love Santa"

(It was great.)