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​​​Story filled songs for all ages. 
The artist's way around the world.

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In love speed, it is one step at a time

getting to know each other. ​

Enjoy surfing all these waves up, 

down and over ​for

adventure and entertainment.

History in the making in New Jersey (USA)

A blast from the past, into the present and future.

Lara Gonzalez, Jamie Coan, Jeff Barg, Chriss Farrelly,

Paul Maassen, Suzanne Carrington, Laurie.

(Guest star is cousin, Gregg Cagno, guitar and vocals.)

​(True Blue Sky Waves, custom painted, Loren Turner)

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information in this video referencing 

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Sound Waves Trivia

Regarding the song

I Want to Live

​Who, where, when 

and how did the 

song originate?

One, hint, hint,

which animal spirit 

inspired the song?


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Welcome Home  - Two Live Recordings

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