Wake-up call me, if you're able; eyes talk

Every now and then, a very special man would show up to hear our band play.       

Paralyzed below the neck, he used to write me letters using a pen he would hold in his mouth to type on a computer. Talking through a tube in his throat, he asked if he could interview me to submit an article for a local newspaper. Strangely enough, I could empathize with him. Being a strong person and ironically scared to death of life many times, I have been paralyzed by insecurity, doubt, and fear. (Thankful, not anymore.)

And yet, here we were, celebrating life with great conviction, vision,

and passion, with promise, standing on stage in front of a packed house.

As his nurse rolled him in sitting in his wheelchair, he was watching,listening, smiling, and directly following me and the musicians, though all he could move freely were his eyes. There we were, eyes locked, with tears of many emotions streaming down both our faces. The band played without skipping a beat, and we sang for dear life, all of us humbled speechless.

When I am not performing, expressing myself clearly verbally has at times

been, and still is, to some extent a challenge. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I have
been and am able to talk with the best of them and still do to the point of exhaustion. When I tell my father that I am an introvert like him and an extrovert like mom, he politely chuckles, smiles, and says, “Really?” And then comes my nervous laugh, replying, “Yes, really, daddy,” thinking he will love me more if I can convince him of this perception. My father is a very quiet, loving, and reserved Italian man.  He says more with his eyes and demeanor than he does with his voice. My beautiful mother is a charming, classy lady, gently
outgoing, full of love and fun. With expression, her eyes talk too. If you are of Italian descent, you understand that talking with the eyes can mean many things from heavenly song to hellish suffering. 

I think for many of us there are just those times when we are overwhelmed by our inner dialogue, mixed emotions, and simply too many thoughts at once fighting to be expressed. In short, I take a lot of deep breaths and laugh as much as possible to get through these uncomfortable times.​​

Grateful and thankful for growing forward from there to here, I am.

- Laurie Cagno Witter

  Singer, songwriter, creative artist

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