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Reflective story filled songs for all ages to share. 
Past, present and beyond ​meet destiny ​
to serve the highest good.​ 
Laurie Cagno artist-singer-song writer's way around the world.
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Laurie Cagno singer-songwriter from New Jersey (USA) 

Reflective story filled songs for all ages to share.

Past, present and beyond meet destiny

to serve the highest good. ​

The artists way around the world.


D​reams are the sparkles of life that keep us

believing we can fly. Dancing through the clouds,

musical stars calling our names, the wind caressing us

like golden threads and sweet smooth black lace. These songs are some of my dreams. They come from a deep

life-giving well that keeps asking to dance with my past

and future to reach in and out, to liberate us with joy.

It is a wonderful feeling to share our dreams with

those who really care. I hope these dreams

will keep asking your heart to dance ​with hope, 

your spirit to believe in love, your mind to embrace

the possibilities and your body to desire more

Out and about town.

Dances with rhythms of our hearts, with instruments 

from around the world.

Sharing short creative writing vinnettes.