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Think of This
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Dancing Cantos (9 track EP)
Dreams Keep Asking to Dance(13 track EP)


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Do you now there are 7,000

languages spoken throughout the world? 

800 in the borough of New York City. 
And yet, the language of

love has the power to speak 

volumes without a word.

Love reflects love.

Sound Waves Trivia

Are you one of those people 

who is more than meets the eye? 

Are you an Introvert and 

or an extrovert?​ 


What songs inspire you to sing in the car on the top of your lungs?

Do you know

your neighbors?

Do you think and feel

locally and globally?

What are your innate

gifts an talents? 

Please register to vote. 

It makes a difference.

Who are your inner circle of trusted loved ones?

Have you found true love from inside out?


Does your family

share meals together?

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In love speed, it is one step at a time

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